May days, the third and fourth weeks


An update on May days, my monthlong series of projects …

May days are soon to be June days, and I’m OK with that.

The last 2 weeks have been a blur of work, a lot of it being in the moment. Funny how that sneaks up on me every time.

The ideas keep pouring in. About what to write, how to market, what to do next.

I hear from new prospects, which is a huge blessing (no curse). To be able to talk to people almost every day about blogging, marketing, social media, conferences and more is what I dreamed of.

So as much as I keep score and track my projects, yet see the glass-half-empty part, I know that the months of networking and marketing and speaking are paying off.

Every time an acquaintance mentions my name, it brings me one step closer to new work, new projects, new horizons. It’s easy to forget working from home sometimes.

Tomorrow is May 31, but the new me will need a few more weeks to arrive. On to June days.


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