May days


May is for me. Each day in May, I’m working on a project a day (or over several days).

Whatever I’ve been putting off, whatever needs to be finished or kick-started, this is the month.

Of course, coming into May, I have loose ends (always with the loose ends). But that can’t be helped. Life rarely has clean edges. You just push it aside as best you can and prioritize.

Today is planning. The rest is doing.

I think index cards will work best, a deck of 20 or so cards with projects written on them. They may be put informally onto a calendar.

What are those big projects for May?

  • Clean up the office.
  • Reboot Wade on Birmingham.
  • Read two books.
  • Write a business plan, a marketing plan and a strategic plan.
  • Write daily.
  • Clean up the yard.
  • Take care of my business paperwork.
  • Find my support team.
  • Organize my finances.
  • Prepare for a speaking engagement. (More of a to-do than a project.)
  • Write a book outline.
  • Contact prospective board members for Media of Birmingham.

We’re talking about something close to reinvention. By May 31, new me.

These are all projects that I’m either dying to do or dying to avoid. Either way, I have put them off for the daily routine. No more.

I wondered if I could ever book the time to accomplish all these things. But it’s time to be selfish and foolish. It’s time to work on things that matter for the long term, not just tomorrow.

May is for me. Time to step up.

Photo by Henry McBride


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