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  • How a tropical storm created an enormous sinkhole in Guatemala: http://bit.ly/bXvqkT #
  • Rue McClanahan has died at 76. How very sad. Betty White is the last of the Golden Girls. (RT @sepinwall @gmmrtv) #
  • Why Artur Davis lost. Dem challenger in Ala. governor’s race feels “the love.” http://itswa.de/artur-davis #alpolitics #
  • Breaking: Joran Van Der Sloot arrested in Chile (CNN/Interpol). Former suspect in Natalee Holloway case. (via @atompkins) #
  • Helping Bham students learn to love writing. @discobirmingham story: http://bit.ly/dgeNi5. Video: http://bit.ly/9GCNoS #
  • Next AT&T data plan: $30 a month for unlimited punches to your groin. #
  • Media of Birmingham: free June networking mixer at Michael’s, Homewood, 6/15, 5:30p. RSVP: http://itswa.de/mob-june10 #
  • 1) Stuff peach w/ goat cheese; 2) Wrap in bacon; 3) Roast till bacon is cooked; 4) Put on pile of greens. (RT @Mary_Rarick @mightytoycannon) #
  • Y’all left Facebook, right? We all quit Monday as planned. Wait, you mean— I’m the only one to cancel— GUYS! NOT COOL!!! #
  • Someone should make a movie where something unusual appears & scientists want to study it & military wants to shoot it. (RT @luckyshirt) #
  • No invitation need: Google Wave now open to everyone. http://google.com/wave. [Find me at wadekwon(AT)googlewave.com.] #
  • Glee’s “other Asian” speaks! http://bit.ly/cEizaA #
  • Celebrities always die in groups of a hundred, if you wait long enough. (RT @lonelysandwich) #
  • “Is this a lasting treasure or just a moment’s pleasure?” -Carole King ♫ http://twt.fm/428816 #

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