Wade’s weekly Twitter log for 2010-10-31


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  • Second annual Jammin’ at the Junction tonight in Helena: http://itswa.de/b7AePR #
  • Ignite Birmingham 3 (@ignitebham) is sold out! Woot! #
  • Today’s Magic City Postcards are from Terry McCombs of Woodlawn: St. Vincent’s, street art. http://itswa.de/byCcth #
  • The road to redemption for Auburn QB Cam Newton, by my pal Lars Anderson: http://bit.ly/a2Tj2V (RT @photovman @AUBlog) #
  • Knoxify is a gorgeous hyperlocal news site. http://knoxify.com. #
  • One of my fave Bham events is on Tuesday: Dia de los Muertos at Bare Hands Gallery. http://itswa.de/aUmZOW #
  • Because of the World Series of Poker, I’d love it if they’d rename the original as the World Series of Baseball. #
  • I love that tweeps are chiming in with #sundayread suggestions. Feel free to jump in with your picks for tomorrow’s list. #



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