Wade’s weekly Twitter log for 2011-01-02


Sunday, Dec. 26, 2010

Monday, Dec. 27

  • Sundayread 2010: the complete list of 685 reading recommendations from me! http://itswa.de/sundayread-2010 #sundayread #
  • AP’s Top Alabama 2010 stories: #oilspill Langford sentence, Bentley wins gov. race, casino raids: http://bit.ly/hCIZqd #
  • Proposals for @ignitebham due 1/7. Will your ideas top these? http://itswa.de/ignite-ideas #ignitebham #
  • True Grit (2010): A great Western, simple in presentation, excellent in execution. Coen Bros. do it again. Grade: A. #
  • For 2011, I’d like a dashboard car stereo that streams Pandora, Net radio, etc. via 3G, w/ USB port. For now, iPhone. #
  • Her: Why do you like Chuck Norris? Him: Because there’s a 50/50 chance he’s somewhere boning your sister.-@boyfriend_says #
  • RT @MagicCityPost: Green Christmas: Where to recycle your Christmas tree in Birmingham: http://mcpo.st/gfpinH #bham #
  • Received a refund check from my doctor’s office/hospital. OK, very funny, guys, who put them up to this? #
  • Tips for every kind of blog! The bloggers I met at BlogWorld 2010: http://itswa.de/eOibRX #bwe10 #

Tuesday, Dec. 28

Wednesday, Dec. 29

Thursday, Dec. 30

Friday, Dec. 31

  • Bham News’ Top 10 of ’10: Langford in prison, sewer system takeover, Railroad Park, Bell new mayor: http://bit.ly/fy7HMg #
  • Happy New Year’s Eve, y’all! #

Saturday, Jan. 1, 2011

  • Happy 2011! http://itswa.de/eRqhkn #
  • Daily blog tip: Start the new year by renewing your goal to blog on a regular schedule, even just once a month. #
  • Finish strong, Bama. 7-0 over Michigan State in Capital One Bowl. 1st qtr. #rolltide #
  • Alabama 28, Michigan State 0, at start of 2nd half. #rolltide #
  • And now it’s 35-0 Bama. #rolltide #
  • Alabama 42-0, near end of 3rd qtr. Michigan State is hurting. #rolltide #
  • Final: Alabama 49, Michigan State 7. Tide 10-3! #rolltide #
  • I knew him when. Congrats, Stephen @whoatemyblog! Page 1 of Bham News: http://bit.ly/ervtuw. Story: http://bit.ly/dVDKnl #
  • Shout out Saturday: Shout out for a new year … 2011 is a chance to make it happen, be who we want to be! #shoutoutsat #



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