Wade’s weekly Twitter log for 2011-12-25


Sunday, Dec. 18, 2011

Monday, Dec. 19
  • #DailyBlogTip Marketing can be complicated with infinite choices for tactics. Pick two or three, run them and measure. #
  • #Sundayread 2011: the complete list of 671 reading recommendations from me! http://t.co/tLKeagVV #
  • Pulling into a gas station in Fultondale, jumping out and screaming “I’M KIM JONG-IL AND I’M BACK FROM THE DEAD!” #
  • NEWSPAPERS: Job cuts rose by 30 percent in 2011, some 3,700 jobs eliminated. http://t.co/MTeR10TU (via @ajkeen) #
  • VIDEO: Heidi Klum. Neil Patrick Harris. And Snoop Dogg. On “The Price is Right” celebrity week. http://t.co/QZeebOeV #
  • My alma mater! Cornell Wins Bid for New York City Tech Campus: http://t.co/FMHoLevF #
  • I give away great advice on communication in the free Bham Blogging Academy newsletter: http://t.co/Ye5CKylM #
Tuesday, Dec. 20
Wednesday, Dec. 21
Thursday, Dec. 22
Friday, Dec. 23
  • #DailyBlogTip Checkup: Understanding your audience, current and potential, is crucial to content and marketing strategy. #
  • Your Inbox tutorial on blogging and social media. Free Bham Blogging Academy newsletter: http://t.co/Ye5CKylM #
  • Wade Kwon’s 671 #sundayread recommendations from 2011, in one big list: http://t.co/tLKeagVV #
  • Every time a bell rings … 22 TV variations on “It’s a Wonderful Life”: http://t.co/24jKhK70 (RT @largeheartedboy) #
  • I couldn’t get all of you your gifts in time, so I licked each one in the store so no one else would get it before me. #
Saturday, Dec. 24
  • #DailyBlogTip Checkup: Greatness comes from having a unique and passionate voice. All else merely blends in. #
  • A Top 400 newsletter. Sign up for the free Bham Blogging Academy newsletter: http://t.co/Ye5CKylM #
  • Video: Could this focus on expensive poor patients in Camden, NJ, revolutionize US health care? http://t.co/xMapZBzd #
  • No #sundayread from me tomorrow, but check out my 671 #sundayread recommendations from 2011: http://t.co/tLKeagVV #
  • Off to follow a star in the East. Gonna drown Snooki in frankincense and myrrh. #



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