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  • #DailyBlogTip Include your site URL in every video, so viewers know where to go next. #
  • Your winter poetry collection. Wade’s 101: Haiku retrospective 23: http://t.co/M0ivFSNi #haiku #
  • “Revolutionary” Ala. weather warning system to send FREE text, email alerts street by street: http://t.co/syiV26Kv #alwx #
  • Disturbing. They screen flagged Facebook content, and it’s not a pretty picture. http://t.co/gsDSv2ZK #
  • RT @nvyoung: Photo: Sent from Wade Kwon. I really agree with this! http://t.co/dddtZz7i #
  • How Gordon Ramsay Can Increase Your “Expert” Value by 23,900%, by @harrisonamy: http://t.co/198uJ3mt #
  • VIDEO: “Parks and Recreation” presents the best and (mostly) worst of Jerry: http://t.co/tmimAUcP #
  • 3 DAYS TILL OSCARS: Academy Awards have Birmingham and Montgomery connections this year: http://t.co/vYu79IFq #
  • I admit, I’m in mourning. 20 browser tabs, all gone in one fatal crash. *shakes fist at Chrome* #
  • No new @bhamweekly today. Guess they’re changing their name to Birmingham Every Other Weekly. #
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