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Sunday, Feb. 26, 2012

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  • #DailyBlogTip Some get fired up by blogging all the time, others get burnt out. Which are you? #
  • Two candidates at neighborhood meeting passed out cards. Neither had URL. One had email. It’s 2012, right? #
  • .@shelbycreporter has Facebook page, Twitter, YouTube channel, email newsletter, text alerts and NO RSS. It’s 2012, right? #
  • Pinterest becoming traffic driver for women’s lifestyle mags; referral numbers rival Facebook: http://t.co/2RHewdgR #
  • How to Design an E-Book That Gets Downloaded, Read and Shared: http://t.co/dCdlYeug (RT @JesseNewhart) #
  • Spoiler: My fellow cultists have baptized all your loved ones posthumously. WELCOME TO VALHALLA, BITCHES! #
  • Does social media affect election outcomes? Ad Age says no. I say yes. http://t.co/x1lq7hjI (h/t @JasonFalls) #
  • Roundtable: The women of “Community” @AlisonBrie, @GillianJacobs, @YvetteNBrown, @MeganGanz. http://t.co/HMhcRsgi #
  • As the next governor of Alabama, I’ll make ultrasounds mandatory for every man, woman and child. #equalitynow #alpolitics #
  • Subscribe once, reap rewards every week. Free Bham Blogging Academy weekly newsletter: http://t.co/Z6BPbDUH #
  • My new publication is called Birmingham Daily. It comes out once a century. #amazingshelflife #
Wednesday, Feb. 29
  • #DailyBlogTip What is the leap you need to make to get your blog in gear? Start today. #
  • a house cleaning, of sorts: The G-men pulled some / bad apples in a barrel / full of rotten ones. #haikuhumpday #
  • VIDEO: Blues jam at the White House, with a special guest vocalist on “Sweet Home Chicago”: http://t.co/LntRsbau #
  • Tell your grandkids about how you celebrated Leap Day on social media. So they can mock you. #
  • Poster for new Starz series, “Magic City.” Not Birmingham, the *other* Magic City … Miami. http://t.co/299nnOZC #
  • My friend/Bham native Dru Ealons @MrsE1908 on White House site as featured member of Obama admin. http://t.co/mGbgwUfK #
  • RIP Davy Jones of the Monkees, idol to Marcia Brady & millions of others. Dead at 66 of heart attack. http://t.co/4yxXscth #
  • My Bham Blogging Academy newsletter: The smartest way to clutter your Inbox. Free signup: http://t.co/Z6BPbDUH #
  • FACEBOOK: Change your Pages to new mandatory Timeline format: http://t.co/LvOsWSZR / http://t.co/Fn6kZKuX #
Thursday, March 1
Friday, March 2
  • #DailyBlogTip Want to know how other bloggers do it? Ask them. Bloggers are the most generous people in the world. #
  • RT @crewless: “2 things take no skill: Spending other people’s money; dismissing an idea.” http://t.co/avZNrH0G #
  • I just signed up for FREE severe weather text alerts specific to my home/office location: http://t.co/cLipBds3 #alwx #
  • Rush Limbaugh once called me a slut. In my case, the bastard was actually right. Dammit. #
  • From now on, if someone asks for my medical history or Social Security number, I’ll thell them to just Google it. #
  • Local TV stations using hashtagged coverage learned nothing from @birmingham_news‘ disastrous campaign. #this_is_our_vanity #
  • Vote his shiny metal ass: Bender won 2010 DC school board president election. http://t.co/7PnW3pCm #
  • Circle me on Google+. Your stream will thank you. http://t.co/vRY6n9sD #
Saturday, March 3



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