Wade’s weekly Twitter log for 2012-07-08


Sunday, July 1, 2012

Monday, July 2

  • #DailyBlogTip Your blog community’s leaders: the most frequent commenter, the sage or the one keeping others engaged. #
  • Thanks to @JClyde_Bham for sponsoring our Saturday tweetup! The recap: http://t.co/a3JeAU60 #bham #
  • MOBILE WEB: Great example of simple, smart mobile site for @JClyde_Bham: http://t.co/cLcBuiW9 #
  • SOCIAL MEDIA: Crazy: LinkedIn will no longer publish Twitter updates (which Facebook now does): http://t.co/pt29ApMd #
  • FACEBOOK: Custom email switcharoo has created disappearing message crisis: http://t.co/8z5NL8fK #
  • A Top 400 newsletter. Sign up for the free Bham Blogging Academy newsletter: http://t.co/Z6BKE3Lx #
  • Soon, science will replace Sorkin with MadLibs-style algorithm, recombining his past work in new more entertaining combos. #

Tuesday, July 3

  • #DailyBlogTip Keep idea lists not just for topics, but for types of posts, design, promotions and more. #
  • IDEA: @OrlandoSentinel promotes its patriotic pics to use as Facebook Timeline cover photos: http://t.co/KXYOWiii #
  • Bad: Pinterest board shows wrong follower count. Worse: My service ticket has gone unanswered for over a month. #
  • CHART: Stain removal basics, from @MS_Living: http://t.co/UZ1kXTnI #
  • PHOTO ESSAY: Hostel, a trip to the Cabana in downtown Birmingham: http://t.co/Drp68dPa #bham #
  • Please pin this to Pinterest, because I cannot. http://t.co/K1sHg4F9 #
  • WeFollow no longer updates its site, but at least I’m going out on top … http://t.co/YZdMH35W #
  • RT @AP: Andy Griffith, beloved “The Andy Griffith Show” star who also excelled on film, dies at 86. -PP #
  • It’s a bad time for newspapers when Peter Parker in “The Amazing Spider-Man” *never* sets foot inside the Daily Bugle. #
  • Have a happy and safe Independence Day! Be careful on the roads and with fireworks. #
  • NEWSPAPERS: Anonymous group seeks to unionize Chattanooga @TimesFreePress, by @ChloeNooga: http://t.co/bgzcZWN7 #
  • REVIEW: “Amazing Spider-Man.” Oh what a retread we weave, when first we find nothing new to perceive. ★★☆☆ #
  • My Facebook profile has more than 200 subscribers. Are you next? http://t.co/0IDcuzJb #

Wednesday, July 4

  • #DailyBlogTip A blog can be ultimate freedom. Use it responsibly, but use it! #
  • a little bit behind: Later turns into / next week, which becomes sometime / eventually. #haikuhumpday #
  • Happy Independence Day, y’all! http://t.co/xSYORqhE #
  • The Bham Blogging Academy e-newsletter. Usually Mondays, sometimes Tue/Wed. Always weekly. http://t.co/Z6BKE3Lx #

Thursday, July 5

Friday, July 6

  • #DailyBlogTip Why attend conferences? Learn, network, share, teach, stretch, brag, shop, ask, laugh, dream. #
  • TV: It’s been almost 10 years since Alabama banished a citizen to the “Big Brother” house … http://t.co/z5zRttoM #
  • Me: I demand a regular meeting of dudes to discuss “My Little Pony”! Universe: http://t.co/UQiMywhf. Me: I wasted my wish. #
  • SCIENCE: What’s the Higgs Boson and Why Do We Care? By @ChrisHiggins on @Mental_Floss: http://t.co/AfxmKu5g #
  • The future is brighter than ever for thrice-weekly newspapers! http://t.co/ZBOAL78R #
  • ALABAMA: And God said, “Let there be white,” and there was … http://t.co/r33kj4nY #
  • Sending Pinterest CEO Ben Silbermann @8en a letter in the desperate attempt to get my service issues resolved. #
  • I wonder about this daily … http://t.co/8cF2GShY #
  • Your Inbox tutorial on blogging and social media. Free Bham Blogging Academy newsletter: http://t.co/Z6BKE3Lx #
  • We could still put a man on the moon if we wanted, but the baggage handling fees would be … astronomical. #

Saturday, July 7



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