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  • #DailyBlogTip A well-defined goal keeps you on track, even shapes topics, sidebar content and strategy. #
  • I solved a domain mapping problem in WordPress Multisite. That’s right, I’m KING OF THE INTERNET. #
  • ESSAY: Are growing class divisions creating an opportunity gap for children? David Brooks weighs in: http://t.co/QODua8mU #
  • TV: “Big Brother” debuts tonight. Meet the nurse from Tuscaloosa, Ala., competing for $500,000: http://t.co/z5zRttoM #
  • You can look at past issues of my free weekly newsletter: http://t.co/psCgmARs. Or even get it via RSS feed. Go nuts! #
  • This is happening in Birmingham right now, and it’s all on one Facebook page. http://t.co/2hDn79q0 #bham #
  • PHOTO: I can’t believe how gigantic this Target will be in Homewood. http://t.co/p1OKzZ6f #bham #
  • TECH: The Google+ Hangout that changed how @thatdrew views communication forever: http://t.co/hYyJtZRi (RT @JesseNewhart) #
  • If you’re using text messaging (SMS) to reach customers, which service would you recommend? #
  • POP CULTURE: Missing from this Jack Donaghy soundboard [http://t.co/XuHnyPj2] is this clip [http://t.co/hYcw62Yd]. #
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