Wade’s weekly Twitter log for 2012-09-23


Sunday, Sept. 16, 2012

Monday, Sept. 17

Tuesday, Sept. 18

Wednesday, Sept. 19

Thursday, Sept. 20

  • #DailyBlogTip With site policies, good examples can mean better results than a list of forbidden actions. #
  • Camping out to troll iPhone fans. Telling them it’s really an Occupy Apple sit-in and that all iProducts will be smashed. #
  • Tuscaloosa’s Danielle Murphree takes 3rd place on “Big Brother”: http://t.co/73QcPwyQ #bb14 #
  • MOVIES: Last day to see “After,” filmed in Birmingham, Bessemer and other spots in Alabama: http://t.co/rJgMgbnX #bham #
  • Pinterest is my playground. See what I’m sharing today: http://t.co/Axgqqy1o #
  • I have a coupon for FREE haircut at Sport Clips. Expires 9/30. Good in AL, GA, KY, NC, SC, TN, VA. Message me to get it. #
  • FOOD: Study finds worrisome levels of arsenic in rice: http://t.co/FfULSgjl Beware: This will only make me stronger. #
  • GALLERY: Tornado Storm Shelters and Safe Rooms. http://t.co/4xIDkCbE #alwx Time to plan ahead. #
  • The 47 percent: Some poor, some old, some with kids in college. The muddled picture: http://t.co/JUZOAX5c #
  • HEALTH: Alabama adult obesity rate could *double* by 2030: http://t.co/05NZtKMf #
  • SOCIAL MEDIA: #MuslimRage How a Cynical Play Became an Awesome Meme: http://t.co/Dev7WSON Can’t fool the Internet. #
  • Records discovery could solve 50-year-old Birmingham civil rights era bombing case: http://t.co/XuR9QlIo #bham #

Friday, Sept. 21

Saturday, Sept. 22

  • #DailyBlogTip A strong community not only has dissenters, but embraces them and learns from them. #
  • “Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.” — Albert Camus #
  • No floating header on al·com. Slowly, the worst parts of @Mike_FTW‘s redesign for @MuleDesign, Advance are stripped away. #
  • MEDIA: Gallup: Americans’ trust in media continues to fall: http://t.co/NmxIrEJQ #
  • Tuesday’s referendum in Alabama drew only 22 percent of voters: http://t.co/OaPDBChz #alpolitics #
  • ARCHITECTURE: The Most Beautiful College Dorms in the World: http://t.co/qpIiiQyc #
  • Learn blogging, social media, marketing, more in the weekly Bham Blogging Academy newsletter: http://t.co/Z6BKE3Lx #
  • Your use of two spaces or one after a period tells me almost everything I need to know about you. #
  • ART: After the Post: Norman Rockwell @bhammuseum exhibition reveals 1960s racial turbulence: http://t.co/4SJcVjVy #bham #
  • No. 1 Alabama chalks up early TD. 7-0 over Florida-Atlantic, 13:18 left in 1st quarter. #rolltide #
  • White makes great grab in end zone. Tide 14, Owls 0, 6 min. left in 1st quarter. #rolltide #
  • GALLERY: Half of Old Hungarian Ikarus Bus Becomes a Home Office: http://t.co/0YZavK8I (h/t @JesseNewhart) #
  • Foster nails 52-yard FG. 17-9 Tide, 11 seconds into 2nd quarter. #rolltide #
  • 2nd field goal makes it 20-0 Alabama with 10:31 left in 1st half. #rolltide #
  • Kickers getting a workout today. 3rd FG. 23-0 Bama, with 5 min. in 2nd quarter. #rolltide #
  • Alabama playing out 1st half to the max. TD makes it 30-0 over FAU. 8 seconds till halftime. #rolltide #
  • VIDEO: Going to sue BMW for stealing my life story just to sell cars … http://t.co/DdXUSCws #
  • The streak continues, with 4th FG. Alabama over FAU 33-0, 8:26 3rd quarter. #rolltide #
  • RT @dennisdoddcbs: Alabama has scored 127 consecutive points. #rolltide #
  • Drake runs for TD. 40-0, Tide over Owls. 11:13 left in game. #rolltide #
  • Owls come alive with TD. 40-7 Bama with under 3 min. in game. #rolltide #
  • FINAL: Alabama 40, Fla. Atlantic 7. Tide streak ends at 134 points uninterrupted. Next: Ole Miss. #rolltide #
  • My weeks of Apple frustration could have been solved with but these 8 words: Your Apple ID is now your email address. #



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