Wade’s weekly Twitter log for 2012-09-30


Sunday, Sept. 23, 2012

Monday, Sept. 24

  • #DailyBlogTip Many blogging platforms have smartphone apps, making it easier to blog and manage sites on the go. #
  • MILESTONE: Last Monday printed edition of @Birmingham_News after more than 124 years, nearly 6,500 Mon. editions. #bham #
  • Iran threatens U.S. bases in event of war with Israel: http://t.co/Q9zeze6U #
  • Latest @APTV drama: Channel APT IQ to go offline Sept. 30: http://t.co/aB5SIZFm The dumbing down continues. #
  • FESTIVALS: 40th annual Bham Greek Food Festival, Thu-Sat on Southside: http://t.co/Q0eT2OyE #bhameats Chocolate baklava! #
  • My communications credo « Birmingham Blogging Academy: http://t.co/V7QQlKLb #
  • Thinking about becoming an NFL ref, but I’m extremely near-sighted. Will they still take me? #
  • Hundreds read my free Bham Blogging Academy weekly newsletter to become smarter. Sign up: http://t.co/Z6BKE3Lx #
  • TWITTER: Study: Hashtags and URLs can double engagement: http://t.co/nA2675Ge #
  • All #emmyhaiku / from Sunday’s show in one list / to enjoy again. http://t.co/fXgvjuPZ #
  • POP CULTURE: 27 Looney Tunes GIFs for Chuck Jones’ 100th Birthday: http://t.co/WMZUFoLH #
  • First presidential debate, Oct. 3. Opening question: “So WTF with these replacement refs?!” #
  • RT @SteveKornacki: Next week’s Newsweek cover: “Why the Green Bay-Seattle Refs Got it Right” by Niall Ferguson #

Tuesday, Sept. 25

Wednesday, Sept. 26

  • #DailyBlogTip Make connecting easy: Prominently display big social media buttons near the top. #
  • sunflower sunrise: Flowers brightened the / morning at the market like / a bouquet of rays. #haikuhumpday #
  • TRANSPORTATION: Birmingham second only to Detroit in solo commuters: http://t.co/ybegVMlK #bham What mass transit? #
  • REVIEW: “Steve Jobs” ★★★☆ Long biography reveals the two sides of Apple’s guru: http://t.co/fNb3Fjrb #
  • JOURNALISM: AP promises members it won’t break news on social media: http://t.co/hymlimOG But how does this serve public? #
  • “I didn’t think he was going to sing Moon River, and then BAM! second encore!” RIP Andy Williams, 84. http://t.co/QI6Ss43M #
  • FESTIVALS: Whistle Stop Festival in Irondale, 9a-10p Saturday: http://t.co/MrL7heCC #bham #
  • STORIFY: Staffer knocks out entire service by mistakenly deleting database: http://t.co/PukM4UvQ #
  • COMMUNICATION: 15 rules I learned over the years — you can read them in 5 minutes: http://t.co/DLIrKKT8 #
  • NONPROFITS: LinkedIn Launches Board Connect to Facilitate Board Member Matching: http://t.co/LzGkxbr5 #
  • JOURNALISM: Internet Archive Amasses All TV News Since 2009: http://t.co/KOzT3Avc Try it. #
  • TELEVISION: Q&A with Mike Schur, executive producer of “Parks and Recreation”: http://t.co/7SWazVLz #
  • All things blogging and social. Free Bham Blogging Academy newsletter: http://t.co/Z6BKE3Lx #

Thursday, Sept. 27

Friday, Sept. 28

Saturday, Sept. 29

  • #DailyBlogTip Good karma builds blog communities. Support other bloggers through comments, ideas, purchases. #
  • The free Bham Blogging Academy newsletter – learn right from your Inbox: http://t.co/Z6BKE3Lx #
  • In October, #DailyBlogTip will feature 31 tips on marketing your blog or site. #
  • RIP Arthur O. Sulzberger, Publisher Who Changed The New York Times, 86: http://t.co/wxjIKPzb #
  • U.S.: Freedom of Information Act under Obama? Almost complete failure, 95% FOIA requests denied. http://t.co/VMaFkn9d #
  • Latest @APTV drama: Commissioner accuses employees of offering false testimony in lawsuit: http://t.co/t6FTw2aw #
  • PINTEREST: Arrests increase after newspaper posts criminal mugshots on pinboard: http://t.co/r3XScmDr #
  • SOCIETY: Study: US science profs regard female students as less competent than men with same skills: http://t.co/qwrZvno4 #
  • RT @CBSSports: WVU 70, BAYLOR 63. West Virginia men’s basketball team failed to score 70 in 14 different games last season. #
  • Crestwood Park officially reopens: http://t.co/R8iQqKJM #bham Walked through it this morning … Thumbs up! #
  • No. 1 Alabama up 3-0 over Ole Miss with 7 min. in 1st quarter. Kudos if you’ve been tailgating since 8 a.m. #rolltide #
  • Tide doubles up, 6-0 over Rebels. 3 min. in 1st quarter. #rolltide #
  • Ole Miss TD makes it 6-7 over Bama early in 2nd quarter. #rolltide #
  • Dang! Christion Jones returns kickoff for big TD. 13-7 over Ole Miss. 2nd quarter. #rolltide #
  • Tricky catch leads to another Tide TD. 20-7 over Rebels, with 10 min. left in 1st half. #rolltide #
  • McCarron to Cooper for touchdown. Tide 27. Rebels 7, late in 1st half. #rolltide #
  • Ole Miss hanging in there with TD run. Bama leads 27-14, 6:35 in 3rd quarter. #rolltide #
  • Shelley FG makes it 30-14 Tide over Ole Miss with 12 minutes left in the game. #rolltide #
  • FINAL: Lackluster Alabama beats Ole Miss 33-14. Next: bye, then at Mizzou 10/13. #rolltide #



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