Post-election moving kit


So you're moving to another country because your candidate lost? Let me help you move

With every election cycle comes the pleas, the tirades, the rants, the half-truths, the bald-faced lies and the ultimatums that further divide us as a nation.

Election Day will finally put an end to the bickering. Or just ratchet up the whining from the half of the country that loses.

I am here to help.

Perhaps you’ve heard someone exclaim: “If _____ wins, I’m moving to _____!”

This post-election moving kit will get your high-minded friends and relatives on their way to a much better country. Send them off in style, and get them outta here as quickly as possible.

passport • Start the visa application process: Pick among 214 countries from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe.
luggage • Buy luggage and moving boxes [aff. links].
truck • Hire a moving company that works internationally.
air mail • Change your address with the U.S. Postal Service.
vaccination • Get your vaccinations: Pick among 282 countries.

• And more steps can be found in this complete guide to moving to another country.

Bon voyage!

(hat tip Mike)


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