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  • #DailyBlogTip What is the one problem your blog could solve for users outside the home? Make that a goal for mobile. 07:00:27
  • Project Bulk: Day 70: Good posture is hot. http://t.co/jyFLkgJw [Note: Blog is “caught up” to real time.] 08:30:31
  • Last line of my talk on social media to h.s. kids: With your freedom comes responsibility for owning what you say: http://t.co/wcEnRg3I 09:30:23
  • The best bargains are still in Birmingham. Shop local this holiday season! http://t.co/6byFjhjm #bham 10:30:11
  • Content marketing should be viral-worthy, irresistible. Lessons from Trader Joe’s: http://t.co/i522sxl5 (RT @zacksyl) 11:30:13
  • Bham schools: Students at poverty level twice US average; 25% switch schools in a given year. http://t.co/R6bLHYBO #bham 12:30:19
  • From media releases to Pinterest, all in the free Bham Blogging Academy newsletter: http://t.co/Z6BKE3Lx 12:57:12
  • KICKOFF: No. 15 Texas A&M at No. 1 Alabama. A beautiful fall day for a big game. #rolltide 14:46:32
  • Ouch. Aggies score on their opening drive. 7-0 over Tide, 10:34 1st quarter. #rolltide 14:54:25
  • AJ McCarron throws 1st interception in 292 passes; last one 363 days ago against Mississippi State. #rolltide 15:02:42
  • 2 drives for Texas A&M, 2 TDs. Manziel = for real. 14-0 over Bama, 7:59 in 1st quarter. #rolltide 15:05:56
  • Mizzou beats Tennessee 51-48 in 4OT. My thumb’s tired from flipping between games. 15:19:34
  • Holy hell. A&M makes Bama pay, 1st 3 drives, 3 TDs. 20-0, still 1st quarter. #rolltide 15:30:09
  • Bama offense took wrong bus, arrives at Bryant-Denny during 2nd quarter. 20-7 Aggies, #rolltide 15:45:22
  • Lacy’s Red Bull/5-Hour Energy cocktail kicking in. 20-14 TAMU just before halftime. #rolltide 16:11:02
  • RT @edsbs: Nick Saban is trying to bitchslap America through the television. //Face it, America, we deserved it. 16:28:33
  • Bama closing in with FG, 20-17 TAMU in 3rd quarter. Switched to radio during weekly neighborhood blackout. :/ #rolltide 17:05:27
  • Aggies’ field goal makes it 23-17 over Bama early in 4th quarter. In other news, power back on. #rolltide 17:21:49
  • Texas A&M’s kicking woes could be Alabama’s salvation. Luck always runs out eventually … #rolltide 17:36:21
  • Mr. Football is on fire. Texas A&M 29, Alabama 17, 8:37 left in game. #rolltide 17:48:23
  • McCarron to Cooper TD breathes new life into flagging Bama. 29-24 TAMU with 6:09 left. #rolltide 17:58:38
  • McCarron has two modes: lethargic and HURRYUPHURRYUP2MINUTESGOGOGO. #rolltide 18:05:11
  • McCarron intercepted on 4th and goal at the 2. Oy. 1:36 left. #rolltide 18:08:20
  • FINAL: No. 1 Alabama 24, No. 15 Texas A&M 29. 1st loss since LSU 2011. Next: Western Carolina. #rolltide 18:15:02



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