Wade’s Top 14 (nonmusic) videos of 2012


My favoritest nonmusic videos of 2012. (See my 19 favoritest music videos of 2012.)

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Sometimes, the worst thing to happen is to get what you most desire. Ask actress Kristen Bell about her time with a sloth …

We are all flawed. Canadian artist Andrea Dorfman explores her misgivings at the outset of a romantic relationship with a plastic surgeon in the Emmy-nominated animated short, “Flawed.”

One of my favorite presentations to give this year was about advanced content management. Don’t worry, it’ll make more sense after watching “How to Win Awards and Influence Readers in 439 Days and 668 Posts.”

More videos and posts at the Birmingham Blogging Academy.

RIP Amanda Todd, 15.

Donate online to the Amanda Todd fund.

If you need help, contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at (800) 273-TALK (8255) or chat online.

“Ain’t no party like a Liz Lemon party because a Liz Lemon party is mandatory.”

Buy “30 Rock” on Amazon or iTunes.

Let’s go to the movies. Our feature attraction is “A Brief History of Title Design.”

Birmingham’s James Spann, the National Weather Association’s 2012 Broadcaster of the Year, was kind enough to speak at the Alabama Social Media Association in February.

This BMW commercial tickles me.

Buy the song “Have Love Will Travel” on Amazon or iTunes.

“The Story of Sushi”: 4 minutes to watch, 7 months to film.

PBS newsmagazine “Frontline” showed the youngest faces of poverty in America in “Poor Kids.”

How to help the children featured in the film.

To mark the 1-year anniversary of our nonprofit group, the Alabama Social Media Association, I made this video looking back on a busy debut.

Buy the song “All Will Be Well” on Amazon or iTunes.

Matt dances around the world. Again. But this time, in 2012.

Buy the song “Trip the Light” on Amazon or iTunes.

The “Parks and Recreation” season 4 blooper reel. You had me at “Parks and Recreation” …

Buy it on Amazon or iTunes.


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