Wade’s Top 21 (nonmusic) videos of 2013


My favoritest nonmusic videos of 2013. (See my 7 favoritest music videos of 2013.)

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What were your favorites? Share the links in the comments.

Close to home

Andrew Zimmern brought “Bizarre Foods America” to Birmingham. And vice versa.

Watch more clips from the episode.

Buy it on Amazon or iTunes.

When a fire erupted in March in downtown Birmingham, I first saw coverage from a fellow Twitter user with Vine.

My favorite market Freshfully [client] gets the feature treatment in this special 4-minute video.

Speaking of food tributes, the BB&T Charleston Wine + Food Festival pays homage to legendary Birmingham chef Frank Stitt.

I’m a big Alabama fan. This ESPN report shows quarterback A.J. McCarron‘s bond with a young patient.

All me

I’ve been working on my body for 16 months for Project Bulk. A glimpse at the 6-month mark …

Read more from my ongoing fitness quest.

For Civilination, I shared two ways to bring civility to comment sections, forums and other online communities.

My blogging and social media conference, Y’all Connect, launched this year. A few clips …

Read more from the Y’all Connect blog.

Pop culture potpourri

Why didn’t Ted’s kids speak up sooner? Sigh.

Buy “How I Met Your Mother” on Amazon or iTunes.

Superman vs. Batman: The movie … title.

Dear 2014: Please make this “Daria” movie with Aubrey Plaza a reality. Thank you.

Buy “Daria” on Amazon or iTunes.

Lynda Carter is still a Wonder Woman, 61 and looking fantastic.

Buy “Wonder Woman” on Amazon or iTunes.



Jimmy Kimmel trolls everyone, especially the media. Well done.

Noteworthy, newsworthy

Milwaukee households battle the slide into poverty in “Two American Families” from “Frontline.”

Buy it on Amazon or iTunes.

Siri, what have you done for me lately?”

Buy the iPhone on Amazon.

Media 1, women 0.

The secrets of master pickpocketer Apollo Robbins.

Buy “Brain Games” with Robbins on Amazon.

Authors John Nichols and Robert McChesney explain the huge sway that corporate media and money have over democracy on “Moyers and Company.” Their points illustrate Birmingham’s media crash vividly.

Buy their book “Dollarocracy: How the Money and Media Election Complex is Destroying America” on Amazon or iTunes.

Can openers are so-o-o-o-o last century …

Buy the best can opener on Amazon.

You can always find a way. Like Richie Parker.


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