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  • #DailyBlogTip Write the headline first. It can guide you in writing a tight, focused post. #
  • From the archive: Dispatches from the world of social media: http://itswa.de/244wV7r #
  • Maybe we should keep the flag at half-mast (or upside-down) till we vote in a Congress that will take bold steps to fight #gunviolence and the NRA.



  • Want to learn about blogging and social media done right? Watch videos from Y’all Connect: http://itswa.de/yc-videos #
  • NYPD agrees to reforms in settlement over property seizures: http://nydn.us/2EQk0BA (h/t @pdxlawgrrrl) #
  • RT @jaredbkeller: A student reporter at Marjory Stoneman Douglas HS recorded interviews with some of his classmates about gun violence in America *while they were hiding from an active shooter in their school*.

    Give this kid a fucking Pulitzer.

    http://bit.ly/2EA9LhB #


Wade's weekly Twitter log

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