The day after tomorrow


Homework on weekends is a problem for me.

I put it off. Till Sunday night. Or later.


I never really broke the habit. I may have had one assignment or 20, but come Friday evening, I didn’t touch it.

Saturday was obviously out. I’d sleep away half the day, then busy myself with things that weren’t school related. Even in college, I may have had to get up early to march with the band for a football game, but that was more fun than skipping to study.

Sunday, the guilt would set in. Not enough that I did anything, except feel a little guilty. It’s a long day, I have plenty of time.

Sunday night, the panic would set in. Not good. How am I going to get all this done? Why didn’t I start on Saturday instead of wasting all that time? I’m going to do better next week.

Cycle repeats.

It was the same in grade school, in high school, in college, even in the working world. I’d be cursing myself and my workload into the wee hours Sunday nights, sure to face a groggy Monday morning.

Some habits are unlearnable. We are who we are.

As much as I like to improve myself continuously, this area may be beyond repair. Procrastination, I am your bitch.

But the weekends sure were fun.


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