That nagging feeling


Favorite song? Dunno. Favorite food? Whatever.

Favorite season? Not winter.


Even in the sunny South, I’m freezing. Chalk it up to a scrawny physique and screwy body thermostat.

I’m especially vulnerable these days, as I can’t seem to shake a bug. Frustrating for me, since I don’t have the energy to complete even simple tasks.

Unless you count sitting in my jammies watching TV and eating ice cream as a simple task. Which I don’t.

Maybe it can be traced back to lifestyle: not enough sleep, exercise or balanced meals. Or poor genetics. Or society. I do blame society quite a bit.

In my case, it’s winter. While we should put to rest once and for all the mythic link between cold temps and susceptibility to sickness, I still end up a walking zombie for many days from November to February.

Not enough to keep me from going to work. But enough to keep me from working at full capacity.

And I am a workaholic.

So while I can do the things that must be done — social obligations, groceries and trips to the bathroom — the rest falls into a hazy shuffle of get-around-to-its.

Evenutally, I’ll bounce back, scratching my head to figure out where the time went and how to whittle down my list of to dos. At least, I’ll have my health.

Besides, I gotta prepare for allergy season.


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