Wade’s daily Twitter log for 2009-03-24

  • “I’m willing to be the one that you put on a pedestal, the one that you see in your dreams.” Hayley Taylor ♫ http://twt.fm/11150 #
  • Congrats, David Letterman! Married Thu after 23-year(!) courtship. Story: http://snipr.com/eg328. Vid: http://jijr.com/PhX. #
  • Props to @insomniactive: “The guy’s got craftsmanship to go w/ his fancy word formation things.” http://snipr.com/efji7 #
  • Today, I am the Decider. Tell me your tough choices, and I’ll decide for you. #
  • Fund-raiser for jazz great Cleve Eaton at Open Door Cafe, 2-8p Sat., $20. http://is.gd/oJq0 (RT via @ageekgirl) #
  • This site is FILTHY! Warning! http://www.canadiansexacts.org (I’d like an Old King Clancy. Or Newfoundland Lobster Trap.) #
  • 40% off massage. Reg. $40 (1/2hr), $70 (1hr). Crestwood Therapeutic Massage, Rachel 205-915-4287. Map http://short.to/2tsu #
  • Candy sales are rising… it’s cheap comfort food. (Duh!) http://tinyurl.com/dh46o6 (RT via @ShaunChavis) #
  • Off to career counselor. Will be great to sit still, catch breath, brainstorm. #
  • Back from career counselor. Now off for (liquid) dinner at Lou’s w/ Tiff. Nice evening to enjoy outside. #
  • Working on a surprise announcement tomorrow morning. Very excited! #

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