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Sunday, April 29, 2018

Monday, April 30

  • #DailyBlogTip Best comment system allows readers to rate comments and sort them by rating, reply in threads. 07:00
  • VIDEO: “@BillNye: Science Guy” from @POVdocs, a look at the scientist, TV host and crusader: https://t.co/Cs5vZyAPxM [a fellow Cornellian] 08:30
  • ♫ Happy International Jazz Day! Enjoy these all-stars performing in Havana ♫ https://t.co/60628UfsHF #JazzDay #MusicMonday

    Highlight: Korean vocalist Youn Sun Nah singing “Bésame Mucho” 09:30

  • VIDEO: @CorridorDoc from @AmericaReframed, documentary about Five Keys Charter School, nation’s 1st high school set inside a county jail in San Francisco: https://t.co/unFSbtBiDB 10:30
  • VIDEO: @michelleisawolf’s funny routine at the White House Correspondents’ dinner: https://t.co/RiaSZWFjsG 11:30
  • Half the audience loved Infinity War, and the other half … 13:32
  • Nearly 1,200 Birmingham restaurants to follow on Facebook: https://t.co/qGiWQnrcaL #bhameats 14:01
  • From the archive: Video: Content Curation for Smarties: https://t.co/RWTe3TQNq4 22:05

Tuesday, May 1

  • #DailyBlogTip Boundaries can help communities stay active and grow. Untended ones can spin out of control and fizzle. 07:00
  • From the archive: An ongoing dilemma: Facebook as a news source: https://t.co/t8Kspd3l9q 09:35
  • Jefferson Co. Library Cooperative @JeffCoLibAL 40th Birthday Bash, 6-8p Fri. at Homewood Library @WeKnowBooksETC, free: https://t.co/FUJJzijerf #bham

    📚📀💻👾🎒 Celebrating one of Birmingham’s best resources! 10:23

  • What’s for dinner? See what 160+ Birmingham restaurants are tweeting … https://t.co/GDcHl2A6qv #bhameats 12:50

Wednesday, May 2

Thursday, May 3

Friday, May 4

  • #DailyBlogTip WordPress hosted blogs: Set up mobile version in seconds with a responsive theme or a free plugin. 07:00
  • From the archive: How to conduct a social media audit: https://t.co/9RFEFGa2Gl 08:30
  • “Inherit the Wind,” but about climate change, and everyone bursts into flame in the third act. 08:30
  • Ranking Schoolhouse Rock Songs by Bob Dorough: https://t.co/T1PxWfLwZO 09:30
  • My free ebook shows off the Top 37 people and brands in Birmingham on social media: https://t.co/Ockb4d2yC3 21:10
  • Birmingham videos from:

    • @theWorldGames
    • @louneyg314
    • @brianburridge
    • @jasonsecor
    • @Dphomebuyers
    • @aldotcom
    • @byronhenry_
    • @Birmingham_Bowl
    • @AlaStormTracker
    • @LT041707
    • and more!

    https://t.co/SXG60ZeI9P #Bham 21:15

Saturday, May 5

  • #DailyBlogTip Video is but another marketing tool for your blog. YouTube and other sites can bring new fans. 07:00
  • From the archive: Determining the right social networks for marketing: https://t.co/DywDLyZHPm 11:55
  • Circle me on Google+. Your stream will thank you. https://t.co/SnvITYVAwj 20:10
  • Birmingham videos from:

    • @alnewscenter
    • @beelitebball
    • @stanleyparrish
    • @JordanTheAlphaa
    • @iafilmgroup
    • @Christian_Valle
    • @WiregrassMuseum
    • @askRegions
    • @LLDM_News
    • and more!

    https://t.co/SXG60ZeI9P #Bham 21:15

  • VIDEO: “Look and See: Wendell Berry’s Kentucky” from @IndependentLens: https://t.co/tlxm9neufD 22:39


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