Wade’s weekly Twitter log for 2018-05-13


Sunday, May 6, 2018

Monday, May 7

  • #DailyBlogTip A top security measure is regular offsite backups of your blog. Don’t wait till catastrophe strikes. 07:00
  • Haiku, news and how-tos, all from my blogs on your Kindle: https://t.co/PQ6d8h2pNP 07:25
  • Robocalls and Their Scams Are Surging:. https://t.co/nAdVyLRK8N 08:30
  • Sunday’s library find: “Batman: Gotham by Gaslight” DVD from Five Points West branch @bpl and Youn Sun Nah CD from central branch. #Bham https://t.co/7jfO3tOdzp 09:30
  • From the archive: Video: The Art of the Brand [PRAM Beach]: https://t.co/mqh2IRgEHD 14:20
  • 2018 James @BeardFoundation Awards:
    🏆 Outstanding Restaurant: Highlands Bar and Grill, after 10 consecutive nominations
    🏆 Outstanding Pastry Chef: Dolester Miles, Highlands Bar and Grill

    https://t.co/NwyMAo8ull #Bham 23:20

Tuesday, May 8

  • #DailyBlogTip Shorter headlines work better than longer ones. Five to seven words, tops. 07:00
  • From the archive: Consistent communication is important. So is shaking things up. https://t.co/GP1z7WJsr8 09:25
  • “Lethal Weapon” Star Clayne Crawford Out as Producers Scramble to Recast: https://t.co/iSDkgHkp0q //2 seasons for #Bham actor; 3rd season renewal in jeopardy. 16:52
  • TIL My iPhone whines when it’s too hot in the car (same as my Macbook Air in the house). A huge carbon footprint so my two precious Apple gadgets are comfy at all times. :/

    https://t.co/fBB6xReL9k https://t.co/iPZYgicBF4 17:18

  • If you need help blogging, I have hundreds of free suggestions: https://t.co/r8zxVxBZjH #blogging 22:05
  • Signs of an abusive relationship:
    — hitting
    — choking
    — insults
    — threats
    — shaming
    — blaming

    If you need help, call the National Domestic Violence Hotline @ndvh at 1−800−799−7233.
    https://t.co/wa6Sbn8Q2i 22:13

Wednesday, May 9

  • #DailyBlogTip Have you asked your community for help? A strong blogger and a strong community deserve each other. 07:00
  • subtext is everything

    Gentle questions hide
    another agenda from
    those innocent ears.

    #haikuhumpday #haiku #poetry 08:00

  • What is the future of Birmingham? Find out in my free ebook: https://t.co/cs1LSHZWzN 10:45
  • From the archive: The habit of writing: https://t.co/TWxQCy4USb 18:35

Thursday, May 10

Friday, May 11

Saturday, May 12

  • #DailyBlogTip Tell your site developer to create mobile theme for your blog, focusing on content useful in the field. 07:00
  • TV: 2018 Renewal Scorecard: What’s Coming Back? What’s Already Cancelled? What’s on the Bubble? https://t.co/hrV0WRs3n3 08:30
  • Today, a new haiku. Tomorrow, a new haiku. The day after, a new haiku … https://t.co/0yg0dG4WnS #haiku 10:55
  • VIDEO: “Mother’s Day,” short doc on visiting mothers in prison. https://t.co/uFdfl1ubLO 11:00
  • Birmingham videos from:

    • @alnewscenter
    • @NewLifeBham
    • @NOLAnews
    • @csub_runner
    • @oraclestheater
    • @HezakyaNewz
    • @kerrygrink
    • @UltimatePreps_
    • @IndyCar
    • and more!

    https://t.co/5NFYvFj93J #bham 16:12

  • VIDEO: “The Island Murder” from @AmExperiencePBS, a fascinating and disturbing true crime story from 1931: https://t.co/iJ57Py7j8S 16:20
  • From the archive: Craft Content Nashville 2015 presentation: The Super Easy Guide to Video for Content Marketing: https://t.co/nMSMVoNnLf 19:30
  • Birmingham videos from:

    • @Arpukiense
    • @Tia_M_Grubb
    • @Take_it_Digital
    • @redromina
    • @troytvnews
    • @bonemiso
    • @alareiatweets
    • @nexusfitnessbhm
    • and more!

    https://t.co/5NFYvFj93J #bham 21:15


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