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  • #DailyBlogTip Getting started: Decide your licensing: copyright, Creative Commons, public domain, copyleft. 07:00:51
  • one year at a time

    Can’t look ahead to
    new year until old year stuff
    gets taken care of.

    #haikuhumpday #haiku #poetry 08:00:52

  • From the archive: Video: Content Curation for Smarties [SPRF]: https://t.co/HxgNXcSekK 08:55:10
  • Many companies including Riot Games are content to promote bro culture and brush off women: https://t.co/Lxy5zQW1IS 11:53:46
  • This Twitter list features Birmingham nonprofit organizations: https://t.co/6ZewpjQvQU #bham 21:55:02
  • The Oscars, but as a 10-hour serialized drama for a streaming service, directed by Shonda Rhimes and with dramatic acceptance monologues that run 7 minutes.

    Plus, the yet-to-be-determined host is killed off (surprise!) in episode 2. 22:02:12

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Wade's weekly Twitter log

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