Wade’s weekly Twitter log for 2018-09-16


Sunday, September 9, 2018

Monday, September 10

  • #DailyBlogTip Your biggest untapped audience? Mobile users. Solve their problems on the go to win them over. 07:00:43
  • Business plan: Leave wearable jet rocket packs all over town for rental.

    Note: Not liable for scorched legs … broken power lines … burn marks on pavement/grass/etc. … plane collisions … broken bridges … craters … cross-jurisdictional business licenses … 08:30:10

  • WATCH: “Voices of the Sea” from @POVdocs, a look at the struggle to survive in Cuba, and the temptations to flee to America: https://buff.ly/2MlecA0 09:30:02
  • Since we’re using up hurricane names faster than ever, we need to start using adverbs instead.

    Hurricane Absolutely, H. Beastly, H. Curmudgeonly, H. Dully, H. Eagerly, H. Fastidiously, H. Gullibly, H. Half-assedly, H. Incisively, H. Jokingly, H. Knavishly, H. Lasciviously … 19:03:41

  • … H. Moonily, H. Nastily, H. Orally, H. Phonetically, H. Quietly, H. Reservedly, H. Strikingly, H. Tellingly, H. Underhandedly, H. Verily, H. Warily, H. Xenophobically, H. Yawntastically, H. Zoologically. in reply to WadeOnTweets 19:03:53
  • This amazing Twitter thread by @Alessandro_King on Trump’s cabal and their “Simpsons” analogs …

    https://twitter.com/Alessandro_King/status/1037705912172142593 21:15:02

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