Wade’s weekly Twitter log for 2018-09-23


Sunday, September 16, 2018

Monday, September 17

  • #DailyBlogTip Don’t just think “mobile,” think “iOS.” Incorporate pinch, drag and other gestures into mobile interface. 07:00:44
  • WATCH: “Sky and Ground” from “Doc World,” a Syrian family’s harrowing journey to find a new home in Europe: https://t.co/3Oynp4hVM6 08:30:38
  • is it egg mcmuffins or eggs mcmuffin ? 09:30:17
  • I’m usually quiet, but my internal voice is screaming at me (and other people) constantly.

    And the three-word phrase that comes up most often lately is “Fight, godammit, FIGHT!!!” 10:30:33

  • I dreamt I had a talking dog.

    He sounded like a truck stop floozy from Vegas. And his life was waaay more interesting than mine. 11:30:51

  • WATCH: “Trump’s Takeover” from @frontlinepbs, this comedy of errors by the Republican Party is pretty funny … till they unify under the Trump brand. https://buff.ly/2D4HT90 12:30:10
  • Stopping at a flashing yellow light is a hate crime. 16:19:35

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Wade's weekly Twitter log

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