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  • #DailyBlogTip Marketing: Calls to action: Contact us, comment, take a survey, download e-book, share post, subscribe. 07:00:16
  • From the archive: Video: The Art of the Brand [Pine Beach PRAM]: https://t.co/cBYbo1Gloo 11:20:02
  • I never talk about mass shootings.

    Today’s tragedy at a Pittsburgh synagogue — 11 dead — is notable to me for 1 reason: 2nd shooting in <4 months (6/28 Cap Gazette) that I know a survivor.

    @RabbiHowieStein & family were out of town. Pray for him as he helps congregation heal. 15:45:19

  • Download your free ebook, “The Future of Birmingham” today: https://t.co/cs1LSHZWzN 19:40:04
  • Q: @PewResearch study: Which age group performed the worst at distinguishing facts from opinion?

    A: Age 50 and older. (The best performing group: age 18 to 29.) https://buff.ly/2CJLTdb 23:00:33

  • “Terrorism is nothing new to this part of Birmingham. We experienced it firsthand.”

    Blaming Victims for Mail Bombs Carries Echoes of Civil Rights Bombings: https://buff.ly/2Sq1ofD #Bham 23:05:19


Wade's weekly Twitter log

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