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  • #DailyBlogTip A small investment in learning how to use your platform pays off again and again in the long run. 07:00:05
  • These Birmingham organizations need help from volunteers like you: #bham https://t.co/6ZewpjQvQU 08:25:06
  • POP CULTURE: @StarTrek‘s interracial kiss 50 years ago heralded change: https://t.co/UDru1RX5Pc 08:30:06
  • From the archive: Video: The Art of the Brand [PRAM Beach]: https://t.co/mqh2IRgEHD 08:40:05
  • The changing Hoover Police narrative of why a black man was shot to death in the Riverchase Galleria: https://t.co/v47C7aAXNa #Bham 09:30:14
  • Two years in, an extensive look at President Trump’s remarkable time in office. A thread. /a 13:01:14
    • His latest poll numbers suggest not only that his popularity is at a record high, but also that Trump is among the most beloved presidents in U.S. history. /b in reply to WadeOnTweets 13:03:00
    • Inside the White House, all is tranquility under John Kelly with low turnover and astoundingly high morale, as it is within most of the executive branch. Credit goes to Trump’s even-keeled leadership. /c in reply to WadeOnTweets 13:04:02
    • Speculating about Trump’s tariffs can be iffy, but industries from automakers to farming have seen nothing but positive gains because of this hard-line economic strategy. /d in reply to WadeOnTweets 13:05:04
    • Insofar as reforming Obamacare, Trump and his colleagues on Capitol Hill have crafted a brilliant replacement plan that will save more lives and make health care more affordable to all Americans, especially those with pre-existing conditions. /e in reply to WadeOnTweets 13:06:03
    • Saudi Arabia has remained a steadfast ally and a beacon of peace and freedom for all, thanks to Trump’s leadership. How anyone could accuse them of human rights violations or assassination plots is beyond me. /f in reply to WadeOnTweets 13:07:04
    • North Korea, I must admit, made me worry. But Trump has handled Kim Jong-un smoothly, and the country will soon divest itself of nuclear weapons after decades of political stalemate. /g in reply to WadeOnTweets 13:08:04
    • The migrant caravan may still be heading northward, but Trump’s use of the military ensures the ISIS terrorists hidden among them in plain sight will not gain entry into these secure United States. /h in reply to WadeOnTweets 13:09:03
    • A casual glance at the midterm elections shows a renewed faith in conservatism, with so many allies old and new heading to Congress and state legislatures. Trump’s personal backing of these patriots only strengthened their populist campaigns. /i in reply to WadeOnTweets 13:10:03
    • He has been modest in taking credit, as Trump prefers to keep the spotlight on the yet-to-be-prosecuted Hillary Clinton and Robert Mueller for their felonious activities past, present and future. /j in reply to WadeOnTweets 13:11:04
    • (I think the only credit Trump will humbly claim regarding falling numbers is his golf game and his weight.) /k in reply to WadeOnTweets 13:12:04
    • Doubts about so-called climate change have spurred Trump to take decisive steps to prevent economic ruin over imaginary wildfires, flooding, superstorms and droughts. Fighting global warming has taken a back seat to fighting government overreach. /l in reply to WadeOnTweets 13:13:05
    • Daring to stand up to the all-powerful media, Trump has used Twitter gracefully to share his eloquent musings straight to the public. He has also shown how outlets such as CNN, MSNBC and the New York Times are out to destroy America. /m in reply to WadeOnTweets 13:14:03
    • Even the poorest among us have praised the tax cuts passed by Congress and signed by Trump. More of this, please. /n in reply to WadeOnTweets 13:15:04
    • No evidence of collusion with Russian agents has been shown, nor have any of Trump’s allies been convicted. A witch hunt, indeed. /o in reply to WadeOnTweets 13:16:03
    • Nationalism isn’t a bug, it’s a feature with Trump. Building a huge border wall and separating migrant children from parents makes this melted pot completely safe from others. /p in reply to WadeOnTweets 13:17:04
    • Open and honest is all Trump has ever been. We see that through his speeches and his actions in governance and in business. /q in reply to WadeOnTweets 13:18:04
    • The pride among neglected whites is sky high, allowing them to march openly to show their support of Trump, a man who finally “gets” them. /r in reply to WadeOnTweets 13:19:05
    • Everything is coming up Trump. I’m thrilled to deliver such a glowing review of his presidency to date. /s in reply to WadeOnTweets 13:20:04
  • WATCH: The Birmingham channel: 200 down, 200 to go: https://t.co/iToAw6Wi93 #Bham 23:40:33

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